• Primeval Labs NEANDERTHAL Clinically Elite Testosterone Booster, 30 Servings

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    Primeval Neanderthal

    Neanderthal is a scientifically-formulated natural testosterone support supplement to enhance libido and performance as well as boost natural testosterone production.*

    After age 30, men’s testosterone levels steadily decline bringing with it a drop in energy, libido, mood, and muscle mass. Neanderthal uses only all-natural ingredients to promote vitality, optimize hormone levels, reduce stress and promote healthy levels of estrogen and cortisol.*

    Neanderthal Highlights

    • Supports libido*
    • Promotes healthy testosterone*
    • Reduces stress*
    • Boosts vigor & vitality*
    • Promotes hormonal homeostasis*

    Neanderthal Revealed

    Sensoril Ashwagandha (750mg)

    A staple herb of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha has long been used to increase energy, boost libido, and reduce stress due to its actions as an adaptogen -- all natural compounds that improve the body’s ability to encounter, interact and recover from stress.*

    As you probably know, being chronically stressed leads to constantly elevated cortisol levels which hinders testosterone production, reduces muscle growth, and promotes fat storage.*

    Neanderthal includes Sensoril, a premium quality Ashwagandha extract standardized for 8% Withanolides noted in clinical to help reduce:

    • Stress*
    • Anxiety*
    • Fasting blood sugar*
    • Cholesterol*
    • Fatigue*
    • Sleeplessness*
    • C-reactive protein*
    • Cortisol*

    Other studies suggest that Sensoril may also increase levels of DHEA, an important hormone that supports production of other hormones, including testosterone.*

    Maca Powder (400mg)

    Long used by Peruvian men for its libido-boosting properties, Maca is an exotic herb rich in plant sterols noted to benefit libido, sexual desire, and fertility.*

    This age-old herb also serves as an adaptogen, further improving the body’s stress response, and indirectly supporting testosterone production.*

    Fenugreek (400mg)

    Annual plant historically used in Ayurveda to increase testosterone production, libido, and glucose metabolism.* Modern studies suggest that fenugreek supports the liberation of testosterone from sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), allowing for greater amounts of free (bioavailable) testosterone.* Additional research suggests that fenugreek supports the reduction of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and DHT.*

    Neanderthal includes a fenugreek extract standardized for 50% saponins -- potent phytochemicals naturally-occurring in fenugreek that are responsible for its wide-ranging benefits.*

    Longjack (300mg)

    Longjack has been used for centuries in Traditional Medicine for its libido-boosting qualities, and can be found under several other names including Eurycoma Longifolia and Tongkat Ali*

    Research suggests that Longjack aids hormone regulation and erection quality, and it may also delay ejaculation, meaning it could help you last longer.* Additional studies note that Longjack fosters anti-estrogen effects, thereby promoting an ideal environment for anabolism (muscle growth).*

    Finally, Longjack may also support free and total testosterone levels due to its ability to reduce cortisol levels.*

    Boron (10mg)

    Essential trace mineral that plays a vital role in numerous physiological processes including bone growth and testosterone production.* Boron also supports bone maintenance, cognition, and learning*

    L-Norvaline (300mg)

    Norvaline bolsters the nitric oxide boosting effects of L-Citrulline by limiting arginase activity. Arginase is responsible for degrading arginine, the “fuel” for nitric oxide production. By restricting arginase activity, nitric oxide production continues unimpeded resulting in greater blood flow and bigger, nastier, longer-lasting muscle pumps.*

    Research has documented that supplementing with 10mg boron (the same dose used in Neanderthal) supports higher free testosterone levels and lower estradiol levels after only seven days of use!*

    Neanderthal includes the highly bioavailable form of supplemental boron in Bororganic™, to support mineral absorption and utilization as well as natural testosterone production.*