• Primeval Labs Ape Juice Amped Blue Smashberry Flavour

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    Ape Juice Amped

    Ape Juice Amped is an all-in-one muscle building and recovery support formula with an added kick of energy (from FOUR sources of caffeine) to help increase performance, focus and muscle growth.*

    This isn’t just another “me too” energy amino supplement, either.*

    Ape Juice Amped delivers unparalleled quality, potency, and taste!*

    Each serving of Ape Juice Amped supplies essential amino acids to support protein synthesis along with research-backed ergogenics in the form of L-Citrulline and beta alanine to aid athletic performance.*

    Who is Ape Juice Amped for?

    Ape Juice Amped was specifically designed to fulfil your on-the-go lifestyle whether you need to boost focus, energy, performance, or recovery.*

    Simply mix up a serving of Ape Juice Amped by itself in lieu of grabbing a coffee or over priced, sickly sweet energy drink- or even stack it with any of your other favourite supplements.*

    Ape Juice Highlights

    • 5 grams free-form amino acids
    • Comprehensive stimulant blend to supply smooth, long-lasting energy*
    • 100mg total caffeine per scoop*
    • Supports nitric oxide production*
    • Boosts focus*
    • Beta Alanine to enhance training performance endurance*
    • Aids muscle recovery and growth*
    • Low Calorie
    • NO Artificial Flavours

    Ape Juice Revealed

    Amino Blend

    Ape Juiced Amped contains a diverse matrix of rapidly absorbed free-form amino acid (including mTOR-stimulating BCAA) to support the body’s natural growth and recovery mechanisms. Also included in each serving of Ape Juice Amped are performance-enhancing amino acids in beta alanine and L-Citrulline. These are included to help athletes take their performance to the next level.*

    Stim Blend

    Ape Juice contains a synergistic matrix utilizing FOUR different forms of caffeine along with theobromine to provide users with acute and long-lasting energy. Each serving of Ape Juice Amped supplies a total of 100mg caffeine from our unique quadruple caffeine blend that includes caffeine from Green Tea, PurCaf™, caffeine citrate, Infinergy™ DiCaffeine malate.