NTEL PHARMA AREZ Super: God of the Gym Pre-Workout, Slime Limited Edition Flavour

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                                 New AREZ Super God of the Gym
                                          Pre Workout Supplement

AREZ has become synonymous with delivering a supreme training experience, one that has the user feeling boundless energy coupled with relentless motivation and unyielding focus.

Over the years, we’ve made it our mission to continue to do the impossible -- improve on an already outstanding pre workout supplement.

Weaving together a synergistic combination of nutrients that enhance energy, boost focus, heighten mood, and engorge muscles, we are proud to unveil the new king of pre workouts in AREZ SUPER!


Notable Features

Promotes intense energy and focus*

Supports nitric oxide production*

Enhances muscle pumps & vascularity*

Boosts endurance*

Encourages fat burning*

Elevates mood*

Amplifies motivation and aggression*

ZERO crash*

This is not a pre workout for beginners.  Do not take within hours of going to bed.